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MyePal (My Emergency Pal) is a Personal Emergency Tool and it helps everybody to stay safe and connected. It can be used during medical or any other emergencies situations. It can be used as an emergency responder during terrorist attacks or natural calamities, and here are the major features that MyePal offer:

During emergency, if user pushes the “Panic” button, it creates a loud noise to alert others and it sends text message to friends and families or doctors, Police, etc. with victim’s current location, phone no., and exact URL to find the victim on Google map with directions for finding the victim quickly.

It also allows users to call 911 to contact the local police & emergency hot line using phone dialer or just pushing the “Call 911” button.

Users can send alert to their loved ones in silence by pushing the button “Send Silent Alert”. it sends text message to friends and relatives with victim’s current location, phone no., and exact URL to find the victim on Google map with directions to reach there. etc.

The option called “My Location” allows users to find where they are if they are lost or in a strange place.

The “Setup” option helps users to setup the predefined text message to send to a list of people (friends, family members, doctor, police, etc.) upfront for seeking help. The user can enter 5 contacts (Fab 5) upfront using the “Setup” option.

The “Broadcast Message” option allows friends and families to broadcast the message to other MyePal users for help. For example if the victim sends the message to his/her :Fab 5″ contacts and each contact starts broadcasting to their “Fab 5” contacts, it will work like a “Snowball Effect” and in a short period of time the message will start spreading mass Broadcasting System like “Silver Alert” or “Amber Alert” (for children). It can be used for finding young children or missing persons – especially senior citizens with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other mental disabilities. Moreover, if our citizens use this app as part of their “Emergency Kit”, it will not only help the victims. It will also help the emergency responders to locate victims quickly, send help promptly and broadcasting the urgent news to a vast community in a fraction of seconds by just pushing a button during emergencies.

The option “PicMe” allows the user to take pictures and share with other “Fab 5” contacts during emergencies and save on the cloud for future use or if police or legal authorities need for investigation.

The “TrackMe” option instructs the system to collect user’s location at a certain interval and send the location data to the server during emergency so that the user can be traced from the server data. Moreover, it shows distance travelled and path traversed by the victim on the map by drawing a line drawn on the map.

The “RecordMe” allows the user to record his/her conversation, background noise, etc. and share with people on the contact list. These records are saved on the cloud for future investigation.

The “AroundMe” allows the user to search doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, urgent care, police stations, fire stations,

Install this app on your phone today and be safe. Encourage your children and family members to use this app to be safe and stay connected during emergency. See the demo and learn how easy it is to use this app free.


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